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The Microsoft GPG Key

09 October, 2019

When you try to install Microsoft packages on Linux (some examples are VSCode, SQLServer, DotNet or the Moby engine for IoTEdge) you must…

ccc rename

08 September, 2019

I’ve been pretty happy with the name as a shortcut for , but I need to think a new name for a few reasons: Cert Central is already being…

My first 3 days on Azure-IoT

31 May, 2019

This week I’ve started in a new team, the Azure-IoT End-To-End team. In my first three days I’ve been exploring the Getting Started…

You don't want real certificates

14 April, 2019

Note: This article describes ideas to work code signing certificates. Not applicable for SSL/TLS communications. A is an X509 certificate…

The Cert Central Protocol

14 March, 2019

One of the key parts of Cert Central is the push command. The purpose of this command is to enable developers to publish their public keys…

Cert Central

11 March, 2019

Cert Central is a personal project to explore how to enable code signing for every developer without paying to Certificate Authorities. Use…

MSIX Catalog

04 March, 2019

I’ve started a desktop application to explore different modernization characteristics of a Windows Desktop application such as Windows 1…

Secure NuGet Packages

24 February, 2019

The secure-packages-demo repo includes a dummy project with a custom configuration to require that all packages are signed with known…

The making of

03 February, 2019

I love static site generators, after trying Jekyll I was looking for something more recent with better markdown support. After browsing…