DTDL Parser extensions

The DTDL dotnet parser provides and object model to inspect DTDL elements: Telemetry, Properties, Commands, Components and Relationships.

All of these are represented as DTEntityInfo elements that must be used with the appropriate DT* types using casting.

To make it easier the navigation through those types, and by using some C# goodness, I’ve created this DTDL parser C# extensions:

That can be used as

var model = await new ModelParser().ParseAsync(ReadFile("dtmi/samples/aninterface-1.json"));


foreach (var t in model.Telemetries)
    Console.WriteLine($" [T] {t.Name} {t.Schema.Id}");

foreach (var p in model.Properties)
    Console.WriteLine($" [P] {p.Name} {p.Schema.Id}");

foreach (var c in model.Commands)
    Console.WriteLine($" [C] {c.Name} {c.Request.Id} {c.Response.Id}");
 Date: March 31, 2022
 Tags:  tools

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