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February 03, 2019

I love static site generators, after trying Jekyll I was looking for something more recent with better markdown support.

After browsing popular templates for netlify I decided to try Gatsby, and get familiar with the reac syntax.

My development environment

Believe it or not, I don’t use Node/Npm in my daily development workflow, and I don’t want install and mantain node on all the machines I use (more than 4!!). An online IDE editor would be ideal. I need to a linux terminal where I can download and install gatsby, access the terminal and preview the live changes, all from a browser. One of those IDEs is Cloud9.

Cloud9 allows to redirect the IP/PORT to a known URL you can use to preview your webiste. I run

npm run dev -- --port $PORT --host $IP

And then I can access the running server from a known c9 url:


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